Customize Service

  • 01. Design and Simulation Analysis

According to the photos of samples from our customers, we will first explore the principle of the sample design, and then analyze issues of the strength of the product structure and interference with CAD / CAE, so as to avoid charring and cracking during cutting, and ensure good quality and performance of the product.

  • 02. R & D and Collaborative Design Solution

To meet customers’ needs, we consolidate our rich experience for years in the technical exchanges with our customers, and optimize through continuous improvement; we design the perfect tools in accordance with customers’ selection of machines and timber to achieve efficiency.

  • 03. Production and Manufacturing

Our standardized management covers all machining processes including sawing, CNC lathing, CNC milling, CNC grinding machine, balancing, quality control, packaging, and shipping, in this way, our delivery is fast and the product quality under control.

  • 04. Diversification of Tools

We not only make woodworking tools but actively develop new products for the new fields, such as plastics and electronic panels. For example, HD-Z07 Replaceable Pelletizing Head is specially designed for the plastics industry; in the future, we will continue to develop new cutting tools and provide a wider selection for our customers.

  • 05. Services

Our company adheres to professionalism and integrity before and after sales, so as to provide the best service for our customers.