About Hong Dar Cutters

Established in 1982, Hong Dar Knife Mfg. Enterprise Corp. is a highly reputed manufacturer of a wide range of woodworking cutters and cutterheads. Over the years, Hong Dar has dedicated itself to the company’s growth. In order to provide customers the best possible quality of cutters and cutterheads to help them stay competitive, we constantly research and develop new products and improve existing ones to achieve even better performance. To meet business growth and customers requirements, we employ modern production management. Our modern production facilities are equipped with a lot of precision machining equipment. Hong Dar cutters and cutterheads are manufactured in our integrated production system. This is combined with outstanding craftsmanship to achieve superior products that assure the best cutting performance and accuracy.

Insisting on quality is a tradition at Hong Dar. For over years, Hong Dar cutters and cutterheads have been fully satisfied to all customers around the world. This outstanding reputation resulted from our rigorous quality system. We use total quality control throughout each step of the entire manufacturing process. Our quality control department is fully equipped with high precision inspection instruments, combined with well-trained quality control personnel to inspect and test each cutter and cutterhead before shipment.